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Everything you need to know about candles

Everything you need to know about candles

are one of the most popular decorations and wellness accessories used at home. There’s just something relaxing about watching the candlelight flickering into the night as you take a moment to unwind after a long day. Another reason why people love having candles in their homes is because of the variety of choices available from scented candles, pillar candles, floating candles to wax melts, soy wax, and coconut wax candles. You can also place them in trays, candle holders, glass jars, and so on. So, what do you need to know about candles?

Candles are made of…

A candle is made up of a wick and wax. You need the wick to light up your “candle” and control the size of the flame. Most candles nowadays are made from paraffin wax because it is cheaper but they're also commonly made of other more eco-friendly products like beeswax, soy wax, or palm wax. All the other elements like colors, essential oils, decorative materials like glitter and stones, or dried flowers are just extras.

There’s a proper way to burn your candles

This might sound weird to you but a lot of us have probably been burning our candles the wrong way for our entire lives! You don’t just light a candle up and snuff it after a few minutes or so, you have to let the candle burn long enough so that the whole top layer of wax becomes liquid the very first time you’re lighting a candle. This could take several hours depending on the size of your candle but the average is usually 4 hours more or less. Of course, it takes less for smaller candles and maybe a bit more for bigger ones.

Tunneling candles can be saved!

When your candle tunnels, it’s not automatically an indication of bad quality. One of the reasons why candle tunnels are how you let them burn the very first time. Don't worry, you can fix an underburning or tunneling candle by allowing the candle to burn for a longer period, reset your candle’s “burn pool”, or simply use a spoon to scoop the excess wax around the edges.

There are healthier candle options

As mentioned earlier, most candles are made of paraffin wax. It’s cheaper but it’s also not good for your health and the planet. There are other waxes used to make candles, some even combined depending on the manufacturer. Beeswax, coconut wax, and soy wax are the most popular alternatives to paraffin and they are safer for your body and the environment. At Light 4 Life, we create candles with only the best ingredients that aren’t harmful to your health.

Candles help your holistic well-being

Candles can Enhance Your Home's Interior Design but they’re more than just decorative pieces. When you light a candle, it can be therapeutic. It can promote a sense of well-being and keep you calm because candles can help fight anxiety and alleviate stress.

The flickering lights from lighting a candle create a relaxing ambiance and atmosphere. It can also set the mood for when you want to celebrate or have a romantic candlelit dinner with your significant other because, well, romance, relationships, and passion is a big part of your mental health and well-being which are essential for self-care.If you're having a candlelit dinner, take note that the flavors we experience when eating food are the combination of our sense of taste and our sense of smell. So, choose dinner candles that will enhance the taste of the food.

Candles are also perfect for prayers and meditation as they can be a focal point or an important element you can use while you send your intentions into the universe. Besides, if you’re using scented candles, the fragrance or smell can help with setting your intention, your mood, and your energy — which brings us to the next thing you need to know about candles…

Fragrances in candles

Scented candles are used for aromatherapy. Changing your mood and track of mind through scents is a holistic practice but it is also a practical way to subtly add a wonderful fragrance to your space. It can also help get rid of unwelcome odors or simply make your home smell nice and fresh! Oh, and might we add that it also gives your home a bit of character too?

Fragrances in candles are made of fragrance oils or essential oils. Light 4 Life uses clean and healthy fragrances for your products. Why do we say “clean and healthy”? Because when we’re talking about the oil or fragrance used in candles or even in perfumes, not all-natural oils are healthy non-toxic oils, and not all products labeled natural are 100% natural.

You can make your blend of scent

Did you know that you can make your own unique and complex scent by making your blends? No need to get stuck with whatever is available on the market, create over a million scents with your preferred fragrance notes using our 100 fragrance selection. Our fragrances are already “blend ready” with a few even made of up to 40 ingredients and layers! With our fragrance strips, you can easily create blends that even professional perfumers will be proud of!

Creating your private label is easy!

If you’re ready to take your candle enthusiasm to the next level, why not start your own private label luxury fragrance brand?

Light 4 Life makes it easy for you to design your scent, design your product, and design your packaging and you don’t even have to order huge batches to start your business. If you want to learn more, read our blog on 3 Quick and Easy Steps to Build your Brand with Light 4 Life.

By the way, did you know that you're also helping the world become a better place when you work with Light 4 Life? Your private label business creates jobs for adults with disabilities through the manufacturing of your quality products.

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