Reclaimed Bottle Candles Fall

$25.00 USD

100% biodegradable vegetable coconut wax. Made in USA. Non-toxic. No animal testing. Kosher. Non-GMO. Paraffin free. Coming Soon!
Spice Scent - A warm, enveloping scent that begins with top notes of mandarin
and Clementine followed by touches of spice including cinnamon
Pumpkin Scent - This tasty creation takes you back to Grandma’s kitchen at holiday times as she prepares her legendary desserts. You can almost taste the pie and whipped cream on the top even before Grandma serves up the treat.
Clove Scent - Incredibly warm and stimulating rich spiciness scent.
Nutmeg Scent -A rich, creamy gourmand fragrance that combines notes of
luscious buttercream with vanilla.