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At Stone Candles in Inglewood, we create innovative new candles made with a unique coconut wax offering the cleanest burn on the market. We have the freshest candles on the market that feature various sizes, scents, and fragrances. Whether you’re looking for sustainable diffusers, melting oils, room spray, organic soaps, or a fun candle making class, Stone Candles in Inglewood has everything you need. We offer interactive candle making classes in our Inglewood factory which are perfect for bachelorette parties, birthdays, and other special occasions. We can proudly say that our candles are paraben-free, non-toxic, non-GMO, and never animal tested. Browse our eco-friendly natural blend of coconut wax candles with over 1,000 products available.

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Stone Candles has by far the best smelling one

"I am a huge pomegranate candle fan and Stone Candles has by far the best smelling one. Not only that the candles burn well and they are very attractive. I will be buying more for sure!"

The Mango scent is HEAVENLY!

"I am loving these Coconut Wax candles! The Mango scent is HEAVENLY with hints of mango + mandarin orange + vanilla"

I am in love with this brand!

" I am in love with this brand! Their candles smell amazing and this spray you can use on fabric , on furniture and your own skin and use as body spray!"

Our Brand Story

The second generation product designer Daniel Stone learned from his father the innovator of the millefiori glowing ball candle that was originated in the ’60s and was a sensation in the ’90s. Continuing in the path of his father Daniel Stone has created a proprietary all-natural coconut wax base used in his new brand, COCO by Stone. . .

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Our Charitable Mission

Stone Candles, Light 4 Life and Exceptional Children's Foundation have entered into a unique partnership that creates jobs for adults with disablities through the manufacturing of these beautiful candles and home fragrance products. Light a candle, surround yourself with beautiful fragrance and empower individuals with disabilities with
Light 4 Life.