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15 Amazing Candles That Smell Just Like the Holidays

15 Amazing Candles That Smell Just Like the Holidays

Have you felt that shift in the atmosphere? The gradual brightening of people's faces day by day…the slight skip in children’s steps; something’s coming and it’s something many people are looking forward to… Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and only a few days are left till the most-awaited holiday graces us with its festive presence once more. As the anticipation builds up, our excitement for the holidays also surges; after all, who wouldn’t want that feeling of being with your loved ones, eating that special Christmas ham, right?

Perhaps some of us just can’t wait and have already “brought” Christmas into their homes through Christmas decors. But, hey, don’t you think decors are lacking? Those really don’t capture the “feel” of Christmas entirely, after all. Why not make your home feel more Christmas-sy by surrounding it with Christmas smells? Here’s the top 15 of the best smelling and amazing candles that smell and feel just like the holidays!

1. Smells Like Christmas COCO by Stone

Just like what its name says, this candle smells just like Christmas! Made with Coconut Wax, “Smells Like Christmas” is a guilt-free Christmas scented candle that would have your home smelling just like the sweet, sweet smell of the holidays. This holiday candle by Coco by Stone offers a wide-range of Christmas smells like citrus, clove and cinnamon.


2. Smells like a Winter Forest COCO by Stone

This candle smells like…of course, a winter forest! Coco by Stone offers another one of its unique scented candles—this time capturing that Christmas smell—winter forest! This holiday candle is crafted with the fine scents of fir, eucalyptus and cedar. Having this Christmas wax candle wafting in your house would make even Santa feel at home.

3. Fir Balsam Candle by Daniel Stone

Daniel Stone candles have an assortment of scented candles with smells ranging from neutral to festive smells that suit the holidays; like Christmas. Among the candles with Christmas smells is Fir Balsam. This holiday candle has that fresh woody aroma of Fir and will certainly make your home smell like that freshly cut Christmas tree. Place this in your cutesy Christmas candle holder and you got yourself an alluringly-fragrant Christmas wax candle.

4. Ginger Root Candle by Daniel Stone

Christmas, of course, is not Christmas without our favorite ginger bread pastries! With this another Christmas wax candle from Daniel Stone, your home will without a doubt smell and feel like the greatest holiday. This Ginger Root holiday candle burns to reveal the saccharine and comfy Christmas smells of ginger, lemon and nutmeg.

5. Fig Tree Candle by Daniel Stone

One of my favorite Christmas candles on this blog is this one and of the best smelling candles on the Daniel Stone Collection: Fig tree. This candle smells like Christmas with its elegant but cozy smells. Aside from this, it also has undertones of cedar and sandalwood. This candle will undeniably turn your home into the coziest and most relaxing Christmas home.

6. Santal Noir Candle by Daniel Stone

Christmas is incomplete without the unique woodsy scents of Christmas. Needless to say, if what you’re looking for are those woodsy Christmas smells, Daniel Stone has a lot to offer and one of these is the Santal Noir Candle. Santal Noir candle truly captures Christmas with its woody, musky aroma accentuated with the spicy scent of Cardamom.

7. Pinon Candle by Daniel Stone

Another Holiday Candle from Daniel Stone Collection with musky scents is the Pinon Candle. Have your living room smell like fresh woods with the Pinon candle that burns to smell like pine needles, cedarwood and complemented by the floral scent of jasmine. This holiday candle would surely give you that maximum Christmas relaxation feel.

8. Ginger Peach Pillar Candle

This Ginger Peach Pillar candle smells just like your favorite Christmas desserts. It is truly a candle suitable and most-perfect for the holidays with its sweet and tangy ginger scent coupled with the spicy and citrus scents of nutmeg and lemongrass. Aside from its refreshing holiday aroma, its colors would also complement your red Christmas decorations. What a buy!

9. Vanilla Pillar Candle

Another aesthetically pleasing thing to look at from Stone candles is this Vanilla Pillar Candle. More than looking pretty, though, this candle also serves to be a great Christmas scented candle. You can place this in your bedroom or living room and it would turn your room into the greatest Christmas fantasy with its unique blend of sugary vanilla and maple scents.

10. Minty Forest Candle by Stone Candle Bar

Among the more remarkable smells of Christmas are those that lean on the minty side like peppermint or eucalyptus. These smells just remind you of those popular red-and-white candy canes! And this Minty Forest candle from Stone Candle Bar perfectly captures just that. Having this candle kindling in your home would make it smell and feel like a Candy Cane Forest. Doesn’t that sound (and smell) like the most amazing thing ever?

11. Sweet Christmas Candle by Stone Candle Bar

If you’re not really into the woodsy, spicy Christmas smells and you’re more into those that smell sweet and delightful, then this Christmas candle from the Stone Candle Bar is perfect for you. This scented candle is packed with the comforting honeyed aromas of Christmas which will be perfect in your bedroom or as a Christmas gift to your loved ones.


12. Fireside Cabin Coconut Wax Holiday Candle

One of the most fun activities to do during Christmas when snow is falling is to sit in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand. And this holiday candle smells just like that! Packed in a bright orange container, Fireside Cabin Holiday Candle is a scented candle that features the smoky-woody scents of cedarwood birchwood and more making you feel like you’re in front of a crackly fireplace.

13. Spicy Gum Candle by Stone Candle Bar

Another holiday candle by Stone Candle Bar that features spicy but sweet scents is the Spicy Gum Candle. This scented candle has a simple yet rich and strong smell of cinnamon that will truly remind you of all those delicious and delightful cinnamon rolls served during Christmas.

14. L’Homme Pillar Candles

An addition to the list of aesthetic-looking candles with bomb fragrance is the L’Homme pillar Candles. This scented candle works as not just a holiday Christmas scented candle but also as an all-around go-to candle. It is formulated with the spicy scents of lavender and amber, but also has the subtle scent of sandalwood. Having this burning near your dining room would absolutely make your Christmas dinner more scrumptious and comfortable.

15. Eggnog Coconut Wax Holiday Candle

Last to the list is the popular Eggnog Coconut Wax holiday candle. This Christmas scent would surely satisfy not just your olfactory nerves with its wonderful Eggnog aroma but also remind you of the creamy, light taste of your favorite Eggnog drink. Yum!

Christmas truly is the most special holiday out there and a single mention of it is enough to turn frowns into smiles. Having these best Christmas candles in your home would elevate your already-special Christmas holiday experience into something even more memorable and unforgettable. Happy Holidays!!

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