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Brands vs Private Labels

Brands vs Private Labels

Brands are everywhere. From the roof of our houses down to your nail polish, all of the products we used for these most probably are branded products. Brands are a valuable asset to a company. Simply put, brands should make the products or services unique. For example, you see a logo design and you know immediately what company that logo design represents. That’s what brands are.

Let’s admit it; some of us buy certain products only for the brand, and some of us even pay expensive amounts just for a branded product! Nowadays, the brand of your things and the products you use even reflect your social status. This just goes to show how brands deeply impact consumers and the market itself and how a brand can drastically increase the value of a product. After all, brands are symbols of trustworthiness and quality (at least, most of the time).

However, not all of us can buy branded products which sometimes are just too pricey for many of us. Some branded products are also limited in variety and do not fit some of the to-be-customers’ preferences. Here is where Private Labels come in. Private Labels are manufacturers which produce customized goods that other companies or business owners sell using their own brand. Some of the more popular private label companies include the Amazon Private Label. You can find private label brands in your local retailers like supermarkets or stores. Some solo stores are also private label brands with most of them selling white label products.

And the main difference between recognized brands and private label brands is probably their prices and variety. This is one of the reasons why private label products are having a surge in popularity these days.

Since private-label products do not necessarily have a “name” or brand, they are significantly cheaper than branded products. Aside from that, most private label products also have a wider variety to cater to a much bigger market. And although private label brands used to have lower quality in the past, it has remarkably improved over the last decades, and is continuing to improve more.

Light 4 Life is a private label company that lets you sell your own private label candles, room sprays, diffusers, lotions, hand soaps and more! With Light 4 Life, you can start your own private-label brand and sell your guaranteed high quality private label candles, essential oils and fragrance oils. If you want to building your own private label luxury fragrance brand, Light 4 Life is your best choice.

There are only three steps you need to do in order to start your own private label luxury fragrance brand with Light 4 Life: Design Your FragranceSample the Products and Get Ready for Production. Starting your own brand requires you to create and design your own scent that would define your brand. This may seem daunting for some, but fortunately, Light 4 Life makes this easier for you. With 76 unique fragrances being offered, you can mix and match the scents to formulate your own scents. After designing your scent, you would need to design the actual product itself. Light 4 Life has a wide selection of different containers for your products. But if you have your own supply of containers, Light 4 Life also accepts these. Lastly, designing your own packaging. This might sound like a tedious task but no worries, Light 4 Life is sure to guide you every step of the way. So just focus in developing your product as Light 4 Life handles all the manufacturing. If you want to know more about creating your own private label brand, click here.

Nevertheless, whether it be a branded or private labeled product, the choice is still up to you, the consumer. So, choose what suits your tastes, preferences, and budget best. You are entitled to choose the product that best suits you and your comfort.

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