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How to Shop for Perfume, According to Fragrance Experts

How to Shop for Perfume, According to Fragrance Experts

Shopping and choosing the right perfume for you can be very intimidating. There are so many options to choose from and sometimes you just don’t know which scent will suit you best. And of course, we want to choose that scent that you know your money is going to be worth and would also satisfy your perfume needs. Worry no more as this article will show the ins and outs of choosing and purchasing the right perfume for you.

We asked the scents and fragrances experts from Stone Candles about the inner workings of perfume selection. This is, of course, not just limited to the right scent but also about the best perfume and scent suppliers out there. Continue reading to get to know the secrets of fragrance experts.

Follow Your Heart

Scents, at the end of the day, are subjective and if you are going to purchase a perfume for yourself, then follow the scent which your heart likes the most. People have varying preferences and that’s one of the many reasons why there is such a wide variety of aromas and scents. As such, it is important to choose a perfume supplier that offers every scent under the sun. This is to ensure that you are not missing any choice. 

Stone Candles is one of the few scent suppliers that provide a massive collection of scents. These scents range from fruity to musky scents, and even designer perfumes and hotel scents. The good news is you may try all these scents through our scent strips.

Want to know how to start your own perfume line? You may use our sample scent strips for this! Learn more about starting your own perfume line.

Know Your Fragrance Families 

There are many different types of scents and aromas out there. But generally, you can classify these scents into different types of “families”. There are four main family scents: Floral, Woody, Oriental, and Fresh. Let’s talk about each of the families and what sets it apart from other scent families. 

The Floral scent family is one of the most commonly used family by perfume suppliers. It is mostly used in women’s perfumes and has powdery and sweet tones. This family is often found in designer perfumes for women just like Neroli | Ylang | Bergamot, which is inspired by Chanel #5

The Woody family is characterized by warm and musky scents. These scents are generally drier and are perfect for those looking subtle but deep aromas. A designer perfume and hotel perfume part of the woody scent family is Oud Wood inspired by Hotel 1 and Tom Ford. This is the scent perfect for those looking for woody yet warm notes.

On the other hand, the Oriental scent family is known for its exotic aromas. These aromas include different spices and herbs. Scents belonging to this family would remind you of richness, attraction, and seduction. An example of a designer perfume from this family is Amber Crystal | Vetiver | Oud Musk which has notes of different spices and woods. This hotel perfume is inspired by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540.

Lastly, the Fresh Family. This family is characterized by clean smelling scents. Scents from this family are often citrussy, light, and oceany. Environment’s designer perfume Sea Water | Ozone | Oakmoss is a scent that hails from this clean-smelling family.

Choose the Right Perfume Supplier

Now that you know what scent you like and what scent family it comes from, it is now time for you to select the perfect perfume supplier for you. There are many things you need to consider before purchasing from a perfume supplier. First your scent supplier must have a wide selection of perfumes for each scent family. This would let you have a bigger range of options when selecting your perfume. Second, your perfume supplier must be fragrance experts. Although, you might already have a vague idea of what your preferred perfume is, it is still good to have a perfume supplier that’s willing to help you out in choosing and purchasing your perfume. Lastly, your scent supplier must have affordable yet high-quality perfumes. This is to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Stone Candles is a great option when choosing your perfume supplier. Aside from having a wide array of perfumes, Stone Candles will not hesitate in helping you choose the right perfume for you. In fact, you may even start your own perfume line with the help of Stone Candles. All of this is for half the price of other scent suppliers. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your perfumes from Stone Candles now!

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