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Repurposing leftover wax for melts

Repurposing leftover wax for melts

Do you have a lot of almost empty candle jars that you simply can’t throw out because you love it so much and wish you could still use them? I know, I too would love to keep lighting up my scented candles until everything has evaporated. However, there will still be some amount left no matter what we do.

So to save all that wax, it is best to hold off on throwing those babies out. Try to make your own candles using it. Candle making is so much fun! We want to take part in saving the environment by upcycling, reusing and repurposing our wax and candle vessels.

Ever thought about how to make your own candles and how to make candles that smell good using leftover wax? You are lucky because we will talk about how to make candle wax, how to make your own wax melts, how to make your own candles, and how to make candles that smell good. A lot of “how’s” answered in just one article!

A batch of old candles and salvaged remaining candles at the bottom of your vessels can turn into a wax melt or a new scented candle. Candle making is so versatile and if you have the best wax for candle making then your options are limitless.

Let us talk about how to make candle wax using your leftover wax. To make a candle wax, you need to melt all your leftover wax first. Simply boil a pot of water and put your vessel in once the water reaches 140 to 180 degrees. Once the wax is melted from the vessel that you placed in the pan, gently lift the glass using thongs and slowly pour the melted wax into a new candle wax container. Do this one jar at a time and be careful not to put too much heat to avoid damaging your glass. Repeat this process.

If you have a candle making kit at home which includes a fragrance oil, you may want to put some of the oil in your repurposed candle wax and if you are feeling adventurous, why not make a scented candle or wax melt from it!


What is a wax melt? A wax melt is a completely wick-less piece of candles. These wax melts absorb less heat when put in a melting vessel and in the process it releases aroma very slowly without burning the oils making fragrance last longer compared to scented candles. Wax melts is now becoming a popular product because of this.

Also, some SPA’s have tried using these wax melts for aromatherapy massages. Most people who use wax melts like this, swears that it helps to alleviate certain negative emotions in the process. It can also relieve aches and pains depending on the oil used in the wax melt. A go to product of people who like to meditate and revive the soul using aromatherapy.

Since we already discussed how to make candle wax, it is safe to say that it is almost the same process of how to make your own wax melts.

In any case, here is a step by step process on how to make your own wax melts from your old candles.

Put your candle vessel in the freezer for about an hour to allow the wax to shrink. Once you notice that it is reduced in size, remove from the freezer and try to prop it out using a tweezer or a small thong. Do not use a knife as it may cause a crack on your candle vessel. If it is still stuck, slowly dip the vessel into hot water (not boiling) and see if it will come off.

Put your wax in a ziplock until you have a bunch you can use later in candle making or if you want to try how to make your own wax melts in the future.

If you already have a lot, try your hand on how to make your own wax melts. Simply use a double boiler, put all your collected leftover wax and melt your wax. Take the top bowl from the heat of the pan then add your custom scents using the fragrance oils from your candle making kit. Once done mixing the fragrance you may start pouring the melted wax to a cube mold. You may use a silicone ice cube tray as a mold. This is only one of the simplest processes on how to make your own wax melts and how to make candles that smell good.


Some crafty people use the microwave. They just pop in the wax in a microwavable container for three minutes. Some wax takes more time and some less time to melt. You may adjust 20 seconds at a time to ensure that the wax does not boil. Mix in your fragrance oil of choice then pour in your wax melt mold.

After reading this article, go and enjoy the rewarding joys of candle making. Now that you already know how to make candle wax, how to make your own wax melts, how to make your own candles, and how to make candles that smell good; why not share the experience with a friend! Go share this blog!

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