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Top 5 Candles for 2023

Top 5 Candles for 2023

When you think of “cozy” the first thing that probably comes to your mind is your home. And it’s much even cozier to stay at home when it’s really cold outside just like in Winter. Imagine, just laying down in bed, wrapped in blankets and sleeping. Winter is truly the best season to stay at home while in the comfort of utmost relaxation!

As we just cannot have enough of Winter and we wish for it to even go longer, here are candles that smell like Winter to make you feel even cozier. Amplify the Winter season and bring it inside your homes and rooms for maximum coziness with these Winter Candles from Stone Candles.

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1. Smells like a Winter Forest

This candle smells like a Winter Forest. And honestly, who wouldn’t want their homes smelling just like a mystical forest covered in snow? This winter candle is a reminiscent of a forest with its scent notes fir, cedar, and eucalyptus. It’s main scent also includes a variety of woodsy aromas like patchouli and pine. Truly a candle that smells just like winter!

This winter candle scent also comes in a lovely deep green container which exudes elegance as it burns.

2. Smells like Cacao and Vanilla

Winter is truly not winter when you have not had even just one cup of a hearty hot chocolate. This winter candle smells just like that deep and lovely hot chocolate with its smells like cacao and vanilla aroma. This candle that smells like winter is sure to bring comfort and coziness with its whiffs of chocolate, milk, caramel, and vanilla. A really sumptuous winter candle scent for you home!

This smells like home candle is packaged in an elegant shade of brown that reminds you of your favorite hot cacao.

3. Smells like Christmas

One of the holidays looked forward to during the Winter season is no doubt, Christmas. I guess you could even say that Christmas is one of the events that make up Winter. And of course, what scent would make your home smell more like winter if not one that has Christmas in it? This winter candle scent has notes of citrus berry, fir balsam, and ends with a warm amber and musk. This winter candle is a treat for your home that would make your home ten times cozier and more festive this winter season!

Smells like Christmas comes in a classy and warm red glass package that’s sure to awe your guests!

4. Smells like XOXO

XOXO means hugs and kisses, and hugs and kisses are something nice to have during this cold, cold weather of winter! This candle smells like winter with its blushing notes and aromas. It has the perfect blend of peonies, jasmine, citron, amber, and vanilla. A lovely winter candle for the lovely coolness and coziness that winter offers.

Smells like XOXO candle comes in a glass package colored in red that resembles that warm blush.

5. Smells like Pink Sugar

Winter is a season that’s not just white and cold but also sweet. Thus, a perfect winter candle scent for it is something that is saccharine just like Pink Sugar! This smells like candle is not just sweet but also citrussy. It offers aromatic notes from orange and ylang, and of course, vanilla sugar. Having this burning in your home would not just make you feel cozy but also dreamy!

This winter candle comes in a baby pink glass container that’s sure to add some cuteness in your home.

Make your house feel more like Winter with these specially crafted home candles by Stone Candles. What’s even greater is that with these smells like home candles, you can bring Winter to your home anytime of the year! What a steal, right?

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