Wick Chart & Info

These are wick suggestions based on the inside diameter of your vessel. Please note these are only suggestions and every customer is responsible for their own testing and safety of products. The below only applies if using Stone Candles Wick and Stone Candles Natural Coconut Wax. All other waxes will not work according to this chart.

Please note every fragrance and color will affect the burning of your candle differently and you must burn test each candle to ensure safety.

Disclaimer: Stone candle is not responsible for the candles made outside our company. Please beware that an 11 oz glass only fills 8-9 oz. This applies to all glasses that actual wax fill will be less than the glass size.

*Inside Diameter*  Must test all your candles please.


1 7/8" Votive #2 (Our Stone Votive Glass)
2.25" #3 (Our Stone 7oz reclaimed bottle)
2 5/8" #4 (Our Stone 7oz Glass, 18oz & 22oz reclaimed bottle)
2.75" #7
3" #8 (Our Stone 11oz and 14oz glass)
3.25" #10


3.5" 2x #5
4" 3x #2
4.25" 3x #3
4.5" 3x #3
4.75" 3x #5
5" 3x #6
5.5" 3x #7
5.75" 4x #5
6" 4x#6
6.5" 4x #8

ASTM burning testing is in 4 hour increments with trimming wick each time you light. As per the burning instructions on all candles bottom label.

Stone Candles suggest testing a worst case scenario for extra safety precautions. Burn candles in your testing for 8 hours and do not trim wicks unless there is a very large mushroom top to see if glass gets too hot, bursts or fragrance flashes.

Warning: fragrance with flash point below 165 degrees may flash when using a high level of fragrance. Citrus fragrance is more prone to flashing. Do not use more than 12.5% fragrance in candles to ensure stability.  Lemongrass should be used at 7.5% .