Wick #4


Wick #4

Please use our Wick chart To see what sizes to use for glass diameter.

* these wicks have been tested with our wax, if you use any other wax we suggest you test it out first.

White candle wick supply for your candle making needs.

These are wick suggestions based on the inside diameter of your vessel. Please note these are only suggestions and every customer is responsible for their own testing and safety of products. The below only applies if using stone candles wick and stone candles natural coconut wax. all other waxes will not work according to this chart. Please note every fragrance and color will affect the burning of your candle differently and you must burn test each candle to ensure safety.

Stone candles is not responsible for the candles made outside our company.

Please be aware that an 11 oz glass only fills 8-9 oz. this applies to all glasses the actual wax fill will be less than the glass size.

Inside diameter* please test all your candles.

4.5" -
8" -

4.5" -
8" -


4.5" (PACK OF 25) - 61693580
8" (PACK OF 25) - 29841036
4.5" (PACK OF 1,000) - 62709388
8" (PACK OF 1,000) - 30004876
4.5" (PACK OF 5,000) - 63069836
8" (PACK OF 5,000) - 30201484