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How to make your own candles

How to make your own candles

Before electricity was invented, candles were the only thing that gives light at night, aside from gas lights, of course. Having said this, candle making is considered an age-old technique. That technique, together with science and technology made candles and candle making supplies readily available to hobbyists and crafts people alike.

The accessibility of candle making supplies in the market made candle making in demand and if you have ever wondered how to make your own candles, you’re in for a treat because I will discuss with you easy steps on how to make your own candles!

Read on to find out more about essential oils and fragrance oils.

Step 1 Prepare candle making tools, ingredients & candle making supplies

It is necessary to know where to get your candle making supplies and whom to get it from. It's best to purchase a candle making kit at first so you can start practicing on smaller portions. This way, wasting supplies for candles is much avoided. Also, it is important to determine the type of homemade candles you desire to make, the best wax for candle making, the kind of fragrance you want, and the desired finish you want to achieve on your homemade candles before you start purchasing your candle making kit.

These are the following candle making supplies we have for our candle making, which is included in our candle making kit.

  • Coconut wax, the best wax for candle making
  • 2 bottles of 1oz fragrance oils
  • #8 Wick - the soul of the candle
  • Wick sticker
  • Wick bar
  • Mixing stick
  • Burning instruction bottom sticker

Aside from these you will need:

  • An 8oz vessel or glass
  • Weighing scale
  • Measuring cups
  • Double boiler or microwave

Step 2 Let’s do the math

I know, I know! What does math have anything to do with candle making? Should it matter when you make your own candles? Of course! The success of your homemade candles lie on the amount of wax to fragrance used as well as the correct size of the wick and vessel you put your wax in to make your homemade candles.

Our candle making kit will create an 8oz candle and using your own vessel or glass, measure the amount of wax plus fragrance to be used. To get the correct measurement of fragrance amount you need, multiply the total fill of your vessel (8oz = 8% ) to the fragrance amount (12.5%).

8% x 12.5% = 1oz fragrance oil

The product 1oz is your fragrance weight. Subtract this from the total fill of the vessel which is 8oz to determine the weight of your wax melt.

8oz - 1oz = 7oz wax melt

Now that we have these variables determined, let's move on to the fun part!

Step 3 Prepare the glass

We already chose the correct size of wick for your homemade candles which assures better results when you make your own candles at home. This will help the coconut wax achieve the best burn rate. And because coconut wax is the best wax for candle making, we know that you will be proud of yourself because you can now make your own candles.

Take off the cover of the wick sticker, attach it to the bottom part of the wick and stick the wick at the center of your glass. Use the wick bar to secure it in place. Attach the burning instruction sticker at the bottom of your glass or vessel.

Step 4 Melt your wax

How to make wax melts? It is as easy as boiling water or heating a dinner plate. You may choose to use a double boiler or a microwave. However should you wish to make this hobby as a candle business it is wise to invest in a good candle wax melter.

Moving on, put the coconut wax in your measuring cup (make sure you use a microwave safe container) and set the microwave timer for 3 minutes. Each microwave is different, if your wax does not melt after 3 minutes, add 20 seconds at a time and check if your wax is completely melted.

In using a double boiler, just do as you will in melting a chocolate bar. The perfect temperature on how to make wax melts is 180 degrees.

Step 5 Mix your fragrance oil

Once your wax is melted, add the 1oz fragrance, use the mixing stick and stir!

Step 6 Pour the mixture in your glass

This is the most exciting part, when you finally pour your melted wax into your glass. But be careful, don’t be too excited and keep calm. Do it slowly and gently to make sure you do not spill the best wax for candle making!

Step 7 Just wait and let the mixture cool down

Let the candle sit and cure for 5 hours in a nice cool environment.

Step 8 Cutting the wick

Take your homemade scented candle and remove the wick holder. Hold the wick and cut the wick one quarter inch. Once it's trimmed, you can now light up and enjoy your very own homemade scented candle!

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